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Am 08.10.2013 um 13:58 Uhr
Hi Marcin,

thanks, for your entry in our forum.

The CD-Rom-Drive of your MP88-CDW could be a "Toshiba XM 2402B". Just called CD-Rom-Drive was very often fitted in the MP-Series.

Whether in your MultiPlayer this CD-ROM-Drive is also installed, I can not say 100%.

To be absolutely sure, you'd have to open your MultiPlayer. Once you've made this, you will see on the CD-ROM-Drive the exact name of the drive (on the drive would be a sticker with the exact name of the drive).

Unfortunately Miditemp never have CD-Rom-Drives for the MP-Series on stock. Maybe you'll find it in the WWW (e.g.:,, ...).

When you are looking for the CD-Rom-Drive in the WWW, you must have to pay attention to the connection of the drive (-> CD-ROM-Drive-Terminal, at which you stuck the ribbon cable and also the other end of the ribbon cable on the board)!!

The connection and ribbon cable must be the same as the currently installed.

I hope, I could help you with this informations.

Kind regards

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Am 05.10.2013 um 02:00 Uhr
Apologize for English, but I can't speak German.

I have one of them Midtemp mp88-cdw and the CD-ROM i faulty, needs to be replace.
Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what type of CD-ROM that is and where can I find an replacement ?

Thank you very mutch for your help !
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