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Am 14.03.2024 um 22:47 Uhr
OK, reading the manual I found that in a bit surprising way I can map channels using the Split (SPL) function.
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Am 14.03.2024 um 20:56 Uhr
Hello all,

I'm a new owner of MP-88 (not the W version) with ROM 1.26/SCSI. The box has a 540MB SCSI disk from 1994(!). So far I was able to test that all the MIDI IN/OUT ports are working, rename the Ins & Outs and setup the routing, as well as configuring some basic filtering.

I'm using the English manual for MP-88W for ROM 2.0, but the manual mentions that "everything works exactly the same" in old versions with the old controller (minus the WavePlayer, I gather). I've read that a Matrix Program can consist of up to 8 Groups, and here are some questions I have:

1. Is the "basic" MP-88 version also capable of 8 Matrix Groups? On the display I see only three M positions and one S (I gather this stands for Song, so MP-88 also features the Sequencer mode, which would explain the presence of the floppy drive).

2. If I undrestood the manual correctly, once I select a Program responsible for routing, the previous Routing program is cancelled and the new one is used instead. So if I would like to translate more than one MIDI channel between the same IN/OUT combination (for example, channel 1 from IN 5 goes to channel 3 on OUT 7, and at the same time channel 2 from IN 5 goes to channel 8 on OUT 7), this is not possible?

I searched the Web for the English MP-88 manual, but couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance for all the answers. Also, it's great to see that the community around the device is still going strong!

Best Regards,
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